pun wedding hashtagsMaybe you’ve seen our 50 fun wedding hashtag ideas—or our alphabet of 100 more ideas using alliteration—and you’re still struggling to create that wedding hashtag?

Maybe you want to create something funny, or to find pun wedding hashtags that are unique. Where do you start when you’re looking for ideas and inspiration?

We have a few tips for creating that fun punny wedding hashtag—and a worksheet for collecting your ideas. Download your worksheet for free right now (see link below) and let’s get started!


First of all, congratulations on your engagement! I’m thrilled for you and excited to help you find that perfect hashtag. We’re going to spend a little time playing with words, and the worksheet will guide us through step by step.

Start by writing in your brand new family name at the top. (I know you’ve been practicing it for months now.) You can absolutely put two names in this space if you are keeping your name or if you want to incorporate both.

For our example, we’re choosing the name Rowe.

Sounds like…

Give your earlobe a tug just like we’re playing charades, because we’re gonna think of some words that sound similar and others that rhyme with your name.

For Rowe, of course row sounds the same, but roll also sounds similar. You’ll want to choose words that you would find in a typical dictionary. You’ll also want to consider the plural of your name—in this case “Rowes” which conveniently sounds like rose.

If you have a very long name, you could think of words that sound like (or rhyme with) just one of the syllables.

Rhymes with…

You can brainstorm words that rhyme, but to expand your list, one of my favorite tools is RhymeZone. Enter one of the words above, choose “Find rhymes” from the pulldown list, and click search. Then write down even more rhyming words that you hadn’t considered.

Our list for Rowe includes words like go, show, and grow. We’re also finding words that rhyme with the similar words—grows and shows and propose to rhyme with rose, goal and stroll with roll, and so on.

Some of these you may not use, but that’s OK—we’re collecting lots of ideas first and we can edit later!

Turn of phrase

Now it’s time to put on that thinking cap! Are there any fun phrases that include the words from your lists above? Start jotting down your favorites!

For our example, we love the phrases “the heart grows fonder” and “rose to the occasion.”

Bonus: If you are feeling stumped, you might have noticed that RhymeZone also includes a “Find phrases” option in its pulldown list. Enter those words from your lists above and see what pops up.

The ideal idiom

You may find a few idioms in the phrases list at RhymeZone, but if you need more, try using TheFreeDictionary.com. Enter your words in their search field and find more fun ideas that rhyme or sound similar to your name.

There are lots of idioms that include the words rose, roll, and row. What did you find for your names and words?

Hash them out

The final step: replace those similar and rhyming words in the idioms and phrases with your new family name to create a list of possible hashtag ideas.

For Rowe, we get #RowesToTheOccasion, #RoweWithItBaby, #TheHeartRowesFonder, and more.

Bonus: use those rhyming words in new phrases like #ShowMeTheRowes.

Can you think of others we missed for the name Rowe?

If you’re working with more than one name, you can repeat this process for additional names and create a separate list. Then look for ways to combine both names in one of the phrases.

Have you started working on your hashtag yet? Click below to download the free worksheet and follow the steps above—and get access to all of our other hashtag workbooks, too! Our library makes it even easier to create your own wedding hashtag!


I am so thrilled by your response to our hashtag posts! When I’m not here playing around with hashtag ideas, I’m busy making bridal and wedding favors with your custom hashtags. 

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