50 wedding phrase wedding hashtagsIf you read and participated in our recent hashtag survey, thank you! Many of you shared that your biggest challenge with creating a hashtag is where to go for wedding hashtag inspiration. Just where do you find ideas for your own wedding hashtag?

Some of our favorite ideas of course include alliteration and puns, which you can find in lots of places online (or just click these links for more of our tips and worksheets).

But when I’m helping out with hashtags at Tag Along Lovely™ (our Facebook group—please join us!), the first thing I always look at are common wedding and marriage phrases. Sayings like “from this day forward” or even the language of wedding vows (“for better or worse“) are instantly recognizable and can often make for perfectly inspired wedding phrase hashtags.

The frustrating part of using wedding-related phrases like this is that it can be hard to find all the ideas in one place…at least until now! (You probably saw that coming, didn’t you?)

Here are 25 of our favorite wedding phrases and examples of wedding phrase hashtags you could make from them.

25 Wedding Phrases

to have and to hold
wedded bliss
bride to be
kiss the bride
hand in hand
forever after
say I do
match made in heaven
my better half
take the plunge
eat drink and be merry
perfect pair
the best is yet to come
to the moon and back
going to the chapel
down the aisle
something blue
for better or worse
for richer or poorer
on this day
from this day forward
set a date
bells are ringing
tie the knot
pop the question

Wedding Phrase Hashtags Ideas

For “to have and to hold” you can substitute your name for hold—#ToHaveAndToHolder—or for have—#ToHavenToHold.

To use “say I do” you can rhyme with the say (or says)—#RodriguezSaysIDo—or with the do—#TheCruzIDos.

With “perfect pair” try a name that rhymes or shares a sound: #PerfectPairOfRiveras or #PerfectPerrys

“On this day” is perfect to use if you’d like your initials to be part of the hashtag: #BAndKOnThisDay, for example. Or of course you can rhyme with the name: #RayeOnThisDay

There are endless ways you can use these wedding phrases to create your own hashtag. Have you started working on your hashtag yet?

Click below to download 25 more and a workbook to create your own inspiring wedding hashtags—and get access to the rest of our hashtag workbooks, too! Our library makes it even easier to create your own wedding hashtag!

I’d love to know what you come up with, so please share your wedding hashtags in the comments. Good luck and best wishes!

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