hashtag ideas for smithIn the fall of 2017 we started the Tag Along Lovely group on Facebook. (Have you joined yet? Because we’d love to see you there!) Since then, thousands of soon-to-be-brides have shared their wedding hashtag challenges. Many of them are there because they can’t think of a hashtag that is fun and perfect that hasn’t already been used before. If you’re looking for hashtag ideas for “Smith” —or other more common names—it can feel like an even bigger challenge.

I mention “Smith” because it pops up in our group on a regular basis. Whether it’s hard to think of something that rhymes with Smith or there is too much competition for the most popular terms, it’s been stumping members (including me!) for months now. I figured I’d spend a little time with this name and see if I can find some wedding hashtag ideas for Smith.

Before I start, I should mention that I’m using the worksheet I shared in the Funny Pun Wedding Hashtags post. You may want to download and print it out or look back at the post for more hashtag resources. You can also see my step-by-step process for gathering ideas. I always start here when trying to create wedding hashtag ideas, no matter how common or rare the family name.


My first step is to write down words that rhyme. For Smith, you could rhyme the sound at the end; some examples would be myth, fifth, and with. You could also rhyme the “i” sound from Smith with words like this, if, it, bit, wish, whip, or ship (assonant rhymes).


Once you have a list of rhyming words, you’ll start to look for expressions or common phrases that use those words. My favorite place to look is at RhymeZone. Type in one of the rhyming words and choose “find phrases” from the pulldown list. For example, searching for the word “if” will give you phrases like:
if only
if need be
if you please
if you like
if I stay

And the word “this” will give you phrases like:
out of this world
to this end
this point in time
this is the life
this and that


Now is the fun part! Take the phrases from the previous step and substitute Smith for each rhyming word. So you’ll get:


Here’s something else that’s fun to do: see that last example? #SmithAndThat? You can go another step here and rhyme the “that” part with another name, too. #SmithAndKat. #SmithAndNat. Print out another worksheet and keep going!

More than Smith

I put together a list of dozens of possible ideas, but the great thing about this is that they will work for more than Smith. Think about names that rhyme with those other words, like Schmidt or Cliff or Tripp or Wyss. You could use many of these same phrases to create hashtags for those names, too.

Want to have my list as a starting point? You can download it (and all of our other hashtag workbooks, too!) by joining us below. Our library makes it even easier to create your own wedding hashtag!

I hope this helps you think of some new ideas for your hashtag! What name or names are you working with? Where do you go for new ideas? Please share in the comments below!