25 holiday hashtag ideasThe weather outside is frightful. But in here, the holiday hashtag ideas are delightful. OK, maybe not delightful…but plentiful! We’ve been listening to Elf and watching The Polar Express and we’re ready to share 25 new ideas for wintery wonderland, holly-and-mistletoe, holiday-themed hashtags.

Here we come a-caroling

So many of the holiday phrases that we’re familiar with are from Christmas carols. We started with the titles of some of our favorite holiday songs and carols to get phrases (and hashtags) like:

Winter Wonderland…which gives us #LinkerWonderland

Baby It’s Cold Outside becomes #BabyItsSzoldOutside

Jinglebell Rock? How about #JinglebellBloch?

Or try Joy to the World for #HoyToTheWorld

Home for the Holidays becomes #HolmForTheHolidays

Let it Snow could be #LetItRowe

Deck the Halls becomes #PechTheHalls

Don’t have a Blue Christmas… have a #DrewChristmas

(Have a) Holly Jolly Christmas gives us #HaveAPauleyJollyChristmas

holiday lip balms with hashtags

Waxing lyrical

Even more of the holiday phrases we’re familiar with come from carol and song lyrics instead of their names. So for example, we shared Deck the Halls above, but Tis the season to be jolly provides more inspiration (maybe #TisTheSeasonToBeCawley?). And finally, there’s also Fa la la la la which could become #FaLaLaLaLacey.

Silent night, holy night, all is calm…#AllIsWright

#ReeceOnEarth, goodwill to men

Jingle bells, jingle bells, #FingalAllTheWay…

Is it dashing through the snow? Or maybe #BaschingThroughTheSnow

#ShayeBellsRing…are you listening?

Comfort and joy, oh tidings of #MumfordAndJoy

Greetings and felicitations

Some of our common holiday sayings just belong on a greeting card. They’re greetings or wishes for the season, such as:

Good tidings which gives us #GoodeTidings

Season’s greetings …or is it #SeasonsKeatons

Eat, drink & be merry, which becomes #EatDrinkAndBeGehry

They’re descriptions of the season, like:

Peace, joy, and love which gives us #PeaceFoyAndLove

Merry and bright which could be #MaryAndDwight (can I admit I love this one?)

They’re even part of our stories about that jolly old elf, and how children are supposed to behave as we near Christmas. Phrases like:

Santa’s little helper which becomes #SantasLittleElgar

Naughty or nice gives us #NaughtyOrBryce (and don’t you think this one would be great for a bachelorette or bridal shower?)

Have a holly jolly Christmas

Finally, the 25th and a few to spare. Yes, these are longer than hashtags have any right to be, but I couldn’t resist. More lyrics, more titles:

All I want for Christmas is you …or is it #AllIWantForChristmasIsHugh?

The most wonderful time of the year is really #TheMostWonderfulHeimOfTheYear

But whatever you do, make sure to:
Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Or #HaveYourselfAPerryLittleChristmas.

Remember, you can change these to work with your name! For instance, replace with names that rhyme or are near rhymes to the examples we’ve provided. Or use your own favorite winter carols and Christmas song lyrics to create your holiday hashtag ideas!


Are you planning to tie the knot this holiday season? What are you using for a hashtag? And where are you going for inspiration? Please share your ideas and thoughts, we’d love to hear from you!

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25 holiday hashtag ideas