Do you like to doodle in the margins? Sketch while you’re on hold with customer service? Color on your memos at every meeting? Then you need this Wedding Budget Planner!

If you’re like me, you may find yourself thinking: “I’d rather be coloring.” Especially when you know you should be folding laundry, making dinner, or…working out the details of your wedding budget.

I think everything should be as fun as coloring—especially your wedding planning. It’s why I love hearing about your wedding details and helping out with hashtags.

And it’s why I love making things like this Wedding Budget Planner that you can color while you plan! (You were going to doodle in the margins anyway, right?)

wedding budget planner ready to color

This two page planner includes lists of typical wedding expenses by category, with space for recording your estimated costs and actual costs. Very practical.

But more importantly, it’s framed by flowers and ready for you to color. Download your free coloring planner by clicking here, then print the PDF file on the paper of your choice.

Will you color with pencils or markers? Decisions, decisions!

Happy planning (and coloring)!