Palmitesso hashtags

Are you ready for a few more hashtag ideas? We’ve pulled more names from the comments here at the blog. Most of these are left by couples looking for hashtag inspiration. Though I’m tempted to simply comment back, I can’t be sure that the original posters will return to read the suggestions. And with a post here, everyone can see!

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I’ll also continue these posts, responding to some of the comments and sharing how I came up with the ideas. Today I’m sharing 8 hashtag ideas for the surname Palmitesso. I’m also offering 1o more ideas to two couples who want to use their first names in their hashtags. (Does that seem harder or is it just me?) Thank you to all three of you for sharing your challenges with us in the comments last month!

Hashtag ideas for Palmitesso

Jenna says, “Hello was wondering if you would be able to make a hashtag for my fiancé and I? His name is so hard I’m having a difficult time but reading here you do a fantastic job! My name is Jenna Mead, his name is Anthony Palmitesso.”

Longer names can definitely be challenging, Jenna! My first thought was that it would be easier to break up this name into syllables and try to find hashtags for each part. Using the “Palm” part of the name gives us:

Then I focused on the “ess” sound and paired it with some sweet sentiments that share the same sound, and got:

Pairing with a near rhyming sound in “latest” we get:

Then we can use a word that rhymes with “tess” (like press) and substitute Palmitesso to get:

If you wanted to use both names in the hashtag, you could start with “Mead” and find words that rhyme (like “read”) to find a common phrase. Then substitute “Mead” to get:

Or how about an eye rhyme (or visual/sight rhyme) like “head,” which will give us:

Hashtag ideas for Dilu and Annie

Jasmin says, Hi, I need help to form a hashtag for my brothers wedding. The groom’s name is Dilu and the bride is Annie.”

Right away we’re looking for rhymes…let’s start with Dilu and rhyme with the word “blue.” Find some common phrases and then substitute “Dilu” (and add in Annie if at all possible!) to get:
or maybe even #SomethingAnnieSomethingDilu (a bit long, but based on “something borrowed, something blue”).

Let’s use some alliteration for #AbsolutelyAnnie, and replace the “lu” sound with Dilu’s name to get:
Start with #LookingAtAnnie and replace the “loo” with “Dilu” to become:

And see if you can find a phrase with rhymes for both names to get something like:
#AFewDiluAnnie (few too many)

Ideas for Jennifer and Robin

Jennifer says, “Heyyyy, My boyfriend and I of 12 years are getting married finally after this pandemic. My name is Jennifer & his name is Robin. Could you’ll please help us? 🙂

First names can sometimes be even harder to use in hashtags, but let’s give it a shot!

For Jennifer, let’s shorten to Jen and use the rhyming word “then” to find a common phrase. Substitute Jen (and add in Robin’s name) to get:

Does “Robin” sound  like “rolling”? Not really, but they start with the same letter, so let’s try:

And see how Robin can become Rob In for this next idea:

That’s all we have today, but please let me know if you find this helpful! We’ll be posting another set of hashtag ideas soon. If you’d like to be featured and see a few possible ideas, you can leave your hashtag challenge in the comments of any post here at Tag Along Lovely.

And of course if you have other ideas for these three names, we’d love to see your ideas in the comments below! Thanks for reading.