30 wedding hashtag ideas for two

It’s official: you’re the perfect pair. You’re two of a kind, partners in crime, twice the fun. (Or double trouble?)

Fact is, it takes two to tango—and to create a great marriage. Just maybe it’s the key to the perfect wedding hashtag, too? If you’re still looking for that just-right hashtag, here are a few of our favorite wedding hashtag ideas for two:

tea for two … #LeeForTwo
that makes two of us … #ThatMakesTwoOfRuss
power couple …#KauerCouple
a thing or two … #ABingOrTwo
on the double …#VaughnTheDouble
two wrongs make a right …#TwoZhongsMakeARight
two peas in a pod …#TwoBreesInAPod
twice shy …#TwiceBlye
takes two to tango …#TakesTwoToFranco
pair off …#PairGough

wedding hashtag ideas for two

Bridal shower favors with hashtags? Yes, please!

Need even more ideas for pairs and partners? Additional hashtag inspiration for duos, teams, or couples? Click to download 30 Wedding Hashtag Ideas for Two—and get access to all of our other hashtag workbooks, too! Our library makes it even easier to create your own wedding hashtag!

Did you find your wedding hashtag idea for two? We’d love to hear what you came up with! Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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