A couple of weeks ago we shared a post with some hashtag ideas for several readers who had asked for help in the comments. As we noted then, we get lots of comments here at the blog, mostly from couples in search of hashtag inspiration. And while it might be easiest to comment back, the original posters don’t always return to the comments to read the suggestions.

If you’re looking for help, I always recommend our Facebook group first, where you can get creative ideas from almost three thousand members. (Yes, nearly 3,000!)

But I’m also going to continue these posts, responding to some of the comments and sharing how I came up with the ideas. Today I’m sharing 22 more hashtag ideas, this time  for the names Lorenzo, Guzman, and Ajwani. All of these requests were posted in April. Thank you for sharing your challenges with us!

Hashtag ideas for Lorenzo

Maritony says: Hi can you help me create a wedding hashtag.
Bride: Maritony Erika Javier
Groom: Lorenzo Brien Lorenzo

Thank you!

For names with multiple syllables, try choosing just one of them. So for example, “zo” sounds like “so” and some common phrases with the word “so” include so far so good, so be it, and so it goes, so this is love, and so it begins. Substitute Lorenzo and you’ll get:


Push it a bit more and “zo” sounds like “soul” gives us the hashtag:


Hashtag ideas for Guzman

Colleen says: Someone help me out, please! I have one but it’s somewhat inappropriate!

His name: (Adam) Guzman
My name: (Colleen) Wood

So far, all I have is GuzmanGotWood!

Hmm, I can see where that might be a…um…hard hashtag to use at a wedding. How about ideas from phrases using just the word “man” and substituting Guzman? Something like:


Or using near rhymes, with “man” sounding (sorta) similar to “one,” you would get:


Or instead of “man” maybe it sounds like “mine” and you get:


Or just choose another “g” word (going) and substitute Guzman for:


And if you want some (not so naughty) ideas with Wood in them, as well, maybe try:


Ideas for Ajwani

Hitika says: Hi can someone please help me out with hashtag too
Bride: Hitika
Groom: Aakash
Bride surname: Samnani
Groom surname: Ajwani

For this name I would look again at near rhymes. You can imagine the “wani” sound being like the word “want” and the whole name sounding similar to “I want” or “I wanna” or “I want it.” Then find phrases and idioms that include want or wanna, and substitute Ajwani to get:


That’s it for this time, but please let me know if you are finding this helpful! We’ll be posting another set of hashtag ideas soon. If you’d like to be featured and see a few possible ideas, you can leave your hashtag challenge in the comments of any post here at Tag Along Lovely.

And of course if you have other ideas for these three names, we’d love to see your ideas in the comments below! Thanks for reading.