hashtag ideas for Carnazza Ewing NuengYou may have noticed that the posts at Tag Along Lovely get quite a few comments. While some of those comments are from readers sharing hashtag ideas (thank you! You are rock stars!), most of them are posted by couples in search of their own inspiration. I used to answer back in the comments, but I found that the original posters don’t always return to read the suggestions.

So I started to recommend our Facebook group, where you can get creative help from a couple thousand members. (I still recommend it—the members are so generous with their hashtag ideas!)

But I also thought I could respond to some of the comments in new posts, and share how I came up with the ideas. Today I’m sharing 20 hashtag ideas for the names Carnazza, Ewing, and Nueng. All of these requests were posted in April. Thank you for sharing your challenges with us!

Hashtag ideas for Carnazza

Lindsey says: “Love all these! Any help for mine? My fiancé’s last name is Carnazza.”

I always find longer names more challenging, so I start with idioms and phrases that include words with shared sounds. So the “car” is shared with the word “carry” or “carried”; substitute Carnazza for those words and you’d get the hashtags:


The “za” sound at the end can be tweaked to sound like “say” which will give us the hashtags:


Playing with the “zza” sounds a little more can give us a “that’s a” or “it’s a” sound…and the hashtags:

Hashtag ideas for Ewing

Kimberly says: “Can you help with a wedding hashtag for Nathalie Aceves and Alexander Ewing?”

Ewing sounds like “you” to me…so all of these hashtags play with idioms, phrases, song titles, and movie lines that include the word you. Substitute Ewing and you get the hashtags:

Ideas for Nueng

Woon says: “Hi, I’m from Thailand. Do you have any good ideas for our wedding hashtag?
Bride: Woon (Pronuce: v-u-n, mean: some dessert like jelly)
Groom: Nueng (pronouncing: n-ue-ng, mean:number one)

Thank you.”

For this name we look again at near rhymes. Choose the words “young” and “new” and find phrases and idioms that include them. Then substitute Nueng to get:


Then we looked at both names and substituted Woon for “soon” or “sooner” to get these two hashtags with both names in them:

That’s it for this time, but please let me know if you find this helpful! We’ll be posting another set of hashtag ideas soon. If you’d like to be featured and see a few possible ideas, you can leave your hashtag challenge in the comments of any post here at Tag Along Lovely.

And of course if you have other ideas for these three names, we’d love to see your ideas in the comments below! Thanks for reading.